International Conference on Underwater Acoustics 17-20 June 2024, Bath, UK

Programme & Abstracts

The Institute of Acoustic has great pleasure to announce it is holding the International Conference on Underwater Acoustics 2024, 17-20 June 2024 in Bath. 

The conference will have a series of oral sessions covering a broad spectrum of international underwater acoustic research. We will have two keynote speakers and the A B Wood Medal Lecture. The Conference reception and dinner will take place at the Roman Baths and Pump Room.

The University of Bath is located on a hill overlooking the UNESCO World Heritage city of Bath, the University of Bath received its royal charter in 1966. It is at the forefront of international research in many fields, including underwater acoustics. The conference will take place in the Chancellors’ Building on the University’s main campus, Claverton Down. 

The City of Bath with its stunning honey-coloured Georgian architecture has been a popular destination since Roman times. It is particularly famous for its hot natural thermal springs that visitors can still enjoy and bathe in. Bath’s compact and visitor-friendly centre with its numerous places to eat and drink, plus some fine independent shops, and its collection of museums, galleries, theatre, music and sports make it an ideal city to visit. 

The ICUA 2024 logo is taken from a stone carving found near the city’s Roman Baths. It’s normally called the Gorgon’s head, because the Romans dedicated the baths to Minerva (Athena) and she had a Gorgon’s head on her shield. 

We look forward to welcoming our friends and colleagues from all over the world to present your latest research.

Chancellors Building, Uni of Bath

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