Full papers must be submitted by 29 April 2024.

Completed papers may be up to a maximum of 8 pages long including diagrams.

Please do not submit papers with text in columns.

All papers will be reviewed.

A full paper, though strongly preferred, is not mandatory

The Abstract does not need to be included as these will be published separately. If you want to include your abstract please call it “Introduction” on the first page as shown in the template.

Templates are available in Word and Latex form

All papers should be submitted as PDFs through the conference website.

All papers submitted for the conference will be published electronically in the prestigious Proceedings of the Institute of Acoustics. Recent upgrades mean these papers will be associated with a Descriptor of Interest (DOI) for international referencing. All papers will be accessible to delegates during the conference, and they will be made open access after the conference on the Institute of Acoustics website.

Copyright. Papers that have been published in the IOA proceedings may be used by the authors for secondary purposes and published elsewhere. The source of the article has to be acknowledged and a link – if available, to the DOI of the article.

Please add the header and footer, supplied, please do not add page numbers.

Header: Proceedings of the Institute of Acoustics

Footer:   Vol.46, Pt.1 2024

LaTex Template (zip)

ICUA2024 Paper Template (word)